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 Cofresi Beach, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
                        Lifestyle V.I.P. Vacations

To prepare a Vacation Rental Agreement we will need the following.

-Lead Passenger Name (as it appears on the Passport)
-Guest Names
-Number of Guests:  Ages 12 +  /  Ages  3-11  /  Ages   0-2 
-Dates (arrival/departure)
-Total number of Guests (adults/children)
-Accommodations Type
-Payment Type (money order/Paypal)

-We email resort to check availability on your dates and accommodations. Email response from resort can take up to 3 days.
-Once they confirm availability we will email you a Vacation Rental Agreement.  You will need to complete and sign the agreement and  mail it to the address at the bottom of the agreement along with your payment.
-Payment is in full at time of booking. Payment is either by money order or through PayPal.
 If PayPal is your preference there will be a 5% service charge added to your rental rate. 
-To expedite your reservations quicker so we don't loose availability you can scan both the agreement and money order and email 
 it to us. We will use that as a temporary proof of payment while waiting for the originals in the mail. I do not send in any reservation  forms to the resort without payment or proof of payment.
-Once reservation form is sent in it will take anywhere between 10-14 business days to receive a confirmation number from the resort.  Once we receive it we will email it to you.
-Do not make any flight arrangements until you get a confirmation number from the resort.
-When you book your flights you must email everyone's completed itineraries so we can forward it to the resort for your complimentary  pick up at Puerta Plata Airport (POP).
-Itinerary must be received no later than 30 days prior to your departure date to guarantee your pick up.

Reservation Process

Please Note: There is a 3 night minimum stay to receive Ocean World Tickets and Alcohol delivered to your accommodations
All payments are non refundable.

Cancellation policy is as follows whether for personal reasons, weather related or other:

-3 months or more prior to your departure date you may reschedule. Rental payment will be applied towards the reschedule date.
 You can reschedule One Time Only and must be done within one year of original rental date or you forfeit your entire rental payments.

-3 months to one month prior to your departure date only 50% credit will be given towards your rescheduled date.

-One month or less if you cancel you forfeit your entire rental payments. No rescheduling can be done.

-Any changes to a reservation within 48 hours prior to arrival will have a penalty of $75.00, and it must be paid at the    Customer  Service  office before checking-in. (Resorts Policy)
Cancellation / Refund Policy
 Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Policy

-If unforeseen circumstance should arise at check in that a 5 or 6 bedroom villa is not available then two 3 villas will be given to accommodate total Guests at no additional cost to them. Only one Golf Cart will be given for the two 3 bedroom villas unless there is availability otherwise there is door to door shuttle service available. Golf Carts are upon availability therefore not guaranteed.

5 & 6 Bedroom Villa Rental Policy
Visitors at the Resort
 Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Policy

-Any guests that you should wish to join you in resort that are not included in this confirmation will be subject to a daily charge US$200 and will be issued with a NON-VIP bracelet. Please note fee may change to the present rate.
Reservation Age Requirement
 Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Policy

-Lead Passenger must be a responsible guest of at least 18 years of age. There must be an 18 year old present for the entire duration of the vacation. Proof of age may be required.
Flight Cancellation or Rescheduling
-Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club and Member are not liable for any cost incurred due to a canceled or rescheduled flight provided 
by an independent airline carrier.
Complimentary Airport Transportation
-Once you give us your complete itineraries we will make the arrangement for your pick up at Puerto Plata Airport. Only complimentary transportation is for Puerto Plata Airport (POP). 
However, it is the Guest responsibility to contact the transportation department at the resort no later than 2 full days before departure back home to Guarantee your transportation ride back to the airport (very important).

Villa Assignment
-Resort does not give out any Villa number allocations before arrival. Allocation is given at time of check-in. 
Please note that each villa differs with its own unique style, age and location. Requests can be made but will not be guaranteed.

Exclusions Members Only
The following VIP privileges are for members only.

-Limo and Helicopter airport transportation. Guests will be picked up by a shuttle van.
-BBQ at villa.
-Azul Restaurant 
-Intimates Restaurant 
-Jazz Restaurants(upon availability) 
​-Deja View & Sea LaVie Beaches
Golf Carts
-Golf Carts are for Villa Guests only at no additional cost. Only one golf cart per reservation.  A valid drivers license is required. Learner Permits are not valid. Assignment can take 48 hours upon resort arrival depending on the seasons demand. A $50 deposit is required by resort and will be refunded upon no damages. Golf Carts are upon availability therefore not guaranteed.
For all Suite accommodations  there is door to door shuttle service that will take you anywhere within the resorts complex. 

Official PayPal Seal
Bottled Liquor Delivered to Accommodations
-This VIP benefit can only be offered by Shareholder members. Each guest in any type of accommodation will receive one bottle of liquor delivered to their unit. There is a select list for you to choose from. Please Note: There is a 3 night minimum stay to receive this VIP benefit. Only one bottle per person per stay (not per day).
Ocean World Tickets
-Each guest will receive one free admission ticket to Ocean World (value $65.00 ea.). Please Note: Tickets must be ordered at least 48 hours before admission. Please Note: There is a 3 night minimum stay to receive this VIP benefit.