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Resort Information
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Columbus Plaza, Torre 1
Playa Cofresi
57000 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-970-3653/54

Resort Location:
Right on Cofresi Beach
Puerto Plata City ~ 10 minutes
Playa Dorado ~ 15 minutes
Puerto Plata Airport ~ 30 minutes
Cabarate ~ 40 minutes
Sosua ~ 45 minutes
Santiago Airport ~ 1 1/2 hours
Santo Domingo ~ 4 hours
Punta Cana ~ 8 hours

Entry Requirements
US and Canadian citizens are required a valid passport along with a valid photo-bearing official document (driver’s license or voter’s registration). Minors may enter with their passport. Citizens of other countries should contact their closest Dominican Consulate. Visitors in general should reconfirm travel documentation requirements with the nearest Dominican consulate or tourism office.

Dominican Holidays
Stores, banks and most businesses close on:
January 1, New Year’s Day
January 6, Epiphany (not a holiday but observed by many companies)
January 21, Our Lady of Altagracia Day
February 27, Independence Day
September 24, Our Lady of Mercedes Day
December 25, Christmas Day

The following holidays will be celebrated on the closest Monday to the actual date:
January 6, Epiphany
January 26, Juan Pablo Duarte’s Birthday
May 1, Labor Day
August 16, Dominican Restoration Day
November 6, Constitution Day

General Information Geography
The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola Island, which it shares with Haiti, and is the second largest country in the Caribbean comprising an area of 18,712 square miles (48,484 square kilometers). It is bordered on the North by the Atlantic Ocean, and the South by the Caribbean Sea.

Spanish is the official language. English is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas. Knowledge of German, Italian and French is becoming more widespread. Traffic signs and most menus in restaurants are in Spanish, although menus in tourist regions tend to be multilingual.

Year round the Dominican Republic is on the Atlantic Standard Time. Clocks are one hour ahead of time on the eastern seaboard of the US in the fall-winter and on the same time in the spring-summer. The DR is four hours ahead in regards to GMT time.

The average annual temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit with August being the warmest month and January the coolest. Summer temperatures range from 89 to 95 degrees and in the winter, from 75 degrees to 90 degrees. The most usual weather forecast is partly cloudy. Rain showers usually last five to ten minutes.

The nation’s population is approximately 8 million inhabitants. Almost 3 million people live in Santo Domingo, the capital city.

Appliances run on 110 volts/60 cycles, the same as the U.S.

Medical Facilities
A doctor is on call at major hotels. These are stocked with medicine for the most common ailments. Ambulances are available, as is air ambulance evacuation. Emergency dental treatment can be provided if needed. Twenty-four hour pharmacies can be found in every major city. 

Religious Services
Though the country is 90% Roman Catholic, there are many Christian denominations, including Anglican, Baptist, Evangelical, Seventh Day Adventist, and Mormon. English services are held in some churches of the capital city. Santo Domingo’s synagogue holds a weekly service on Friday evenings at sundown.

Native Semi-Precious Stones
Larimar is a rare blue variety of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. Its coloration varies from white, light-blue, 
green-blue to dark blue. Amber is a fossilized tree resin. Its coloration varies from yellow, honey, orange, red and rare blue and green. Amber is a prehistoric crystal tomb for insects like spiders, ants, flies and mosquitoes. You will find beautiful Larimar and Amber jewelry throughout the Dominican.

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 Cofresi Beach, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
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