What is the first step to proceed with the booking?
We will need to reconfirm the availability for your requested dates with the resort. Once confirmed we will email you a “Vacation Rental Agreement” for you to look over. Once you approve the agreement you can fill it out sign it and mail it to us at the address on the agreement along with your payment.  more info
Do you take care of all the reservation process?
Yes, we do it all. We made the reservation process very easy for our guests. All you have to do is sign the rental agreement and send your payment and we will take care of everything right up to the day of departure. Guests arranges own flight arrangements.
When will I receive a confirmation from the resort?
Once your reservation is emailed to the resort it will take anywhere between 10-14 business days to receive a confirmation. Once we receive your confirmation number we will email it to you.
How can I verify your membership?
This can be done by either calling the resort.The contact information is given upon request.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in time: All accommodation 3:00 pm.
Check-out time: 11:30 am.
At check-out your wrist bands must be returned and you will be given a ticket to stay and enjoy the resort until 3:00 pm, at this point tickets must be returned and  you must depart from the Resort.
Can I check in early?
Early check-in time is 11:00 am with an extra cost of US$15.00 per person. (fees may change)
If you would like to check-in before 11:00 am there is an additional cost of US$25.00 per person. (fees may change)
Children 3-11 years receive 1/2 off the rate per child
Can I stay in my accommodations later than check-out time?
Yes, but upon availability & there is an additional fee. For late check-out information, please see accommodation reception.
Junior Suites: Every hour after 1:00 pm the rate is US$10.00 per hour per unit. (fees may change)
Villas/Presidential Suites/Penthouse & Apartment Suites: Every hour after 11:30 am the rate is US$20.00 per hour per unit.
My flight doesn't leave until later in the day. Can I stay at the resorts until I have to depart for my flight?
If you prefer to stay longer than 3:00 pm at the Resort, you must pay an extra cost of US$10.00 per hour per person but the final check-out time is 6:00 pm. (fees may change)
Do I need to arrange the transportation to the resort from Puerto Plata Airport?
No, we will take care of that for you. We will need everyone’s complete itinerary information with the total number of guests no later than 30 days before departure date. If your itinerary is given any later we cannot guarantee your transportation. Once we receive all information we will then be able to make all the arrangements for your complimentary transportation to the resort.
Do you take care of the transportation back to Puerto Plata Airport?
Yes, but you MUST reconfirm your transportation back to POP Airport while at the resort. We do not take responsibility for any errors.
What airport should I fly into?
Puerto Plata Airport is the only airport that you will receive your complimentary transportation to/from the resort. POP Airport is only 30 minutes from the resort.
Do you accept credit cards?
No, but we do offer payments through Paypal where you can use your credit card to pay. Paypal offers many different payment options. We do charge a 5% service fee for Paypal services that will be added to your rental rate. more info
What if I don’t want to pay by Paypal?
We do accept Money Orders but no personal checks.
Can I make my flight arrangements after I sign the agreement?
No, we recommend to our guests to wait until you receive a confirmation number from the resort.
Do I have to check in or out on any special day?
Absolutely not! You can arrive and depart any day of the week. This makes it more affordable for your airfare since certain days of the week are cheaper to fly.
Is there any hidden fees?
Nope! You will pay your rental rate to me, the all inclusive and service fee to the resort at time of check-in. There are no additional service fees or taxes added to these rates. The Disco on premises is a cash bar.
Are the rates per person?
The only rate that is per person is the All-Inclusive and service fees. All accommodations are per unit even the villas. So share the cost with your family and friends!
Is the All-Inclusive mandatory?
Yes, you will have to pay for your AI at time of check-in. We do not handle this fee. more info
What credit cards does the resort accept for the All-Inclusive fees?
American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diner's Club. (Diner's Club will be charged in Pesos whereas the other three cards mentioned will be charged in US dollars).  Debit cards may be used however you must contact your banking institution to authorize any transactions made using the debit card.
Will we know what villa # we will be getting?
No, villas are allocated at time of check-in.
How far in advance should I book?
Villas are in high demand therefore book very fast. It is advised to book at least three months in advance and for holiday weeks up to a year in advance. We can always check on availabilities as they are constantly changing.
What is considered holiday weeks?
Presidents Week, Winter/Spring Break, Easter/Passover, July 4th, Thanksgiving. Sorry we cannot rent from December 19th to January 2, this holiday week is for members only.
What is your cancellation policy?
For more information on our cancellation policy please click here  more info
Are you a travel agent?
No, we are Lifetime Platinum Supreme Shareholder-Chairmans Circle Elite Affiliate member of LHVC since 2007. This membership allows us to share our wonderful VIP privileges with others. We have been satisfying our guests since we have been members and truly enjoy meeting people from all over the world.  more info
Do you give discounts?
Yes, to our returning guests and extended stays.
Is there a fee for under occupancy?
No, prices are based on the number of bedrooms.
Does the resort supply cribs, high chairs and cots?
Yes, you must let us know what you need and we will reserve it for you. There is no additional fee for this.
Does everyone receive Ocean World tickets?
Yes, only upon availablity my guests will receive one admission ticket each to OW valued at $65.00 each. 
Please note: There is a 3 night minimum stay to receive this benefit.
Where is Ocean World and how do we get there?
OW is down the road from the resort. The resort offers transportation with your complimentary admission tickets.
Do villas have ocean views?
Yes, but there are few and cannot be guaranteed. All villas are allocated at time of check-in. We can request it but cannot guarantee it. It is very hard to get those villas.
Do they supply safety deposit boxes?
Yes, for a small fee. Presently $20US per week or $3.00US per day.  It's wise to rent a box to put your passports & valuables in. (fees may change)
Does the resort have security?
Yes, there is security at the main gate and throughout the resort.
Is the water safe to drink?
Yes, all water supplied by the resort is safe including ice cubes. The water directly from the faucet is NOT SAFE to drink. All suites and villas are supplied with bottled water.
Are there washer and dryers for use within the resort?
No, but they do have laundry service for a fee.
Are the pools in the villas private
Yes, all villas have their own private pools.
Do I need to exchange US dollars into Pesos?
No, dollars are accepted everywhere.
Does the resort supply hair dryers and irons?
Yes, all suites and villas have them.
Is there a gym?
Yes, there is a gym for your use. 
Do you get a personal cook for breakfast if you rent a suite?
No, this is for villa rentals only.
Will I receive a golf cart?
Only villas will receive a complimentary golf cart upon availability therefore not guaranteed. Please note: it can take up to 48 hours to receive your golf cart depending on the seasons demand. You must have a valid drivers license to sign for a golf cart - learner permits are not valid! For all other accommodations there is door to door shuttle service.
Is there WiFi available?
Yes, there are designated areas throughout the VIP areas. Also, for a fee you can have WiFi access in your accommodations.
Is the resort on the beach?
Yes, LHVC is located right on Cofresi Beach.
Is this a time share resort?
No, the resort does have a Vacation Club. Sales presentations are not mandatory!
Does the resort offer child care?
Yes, for a fee.
Are pets allowed?
Can I rent a car?
Presently National and Alamo Car Rentals are available at the resort. They are an independent company therefore, the resort can not handle the rentals. Guests must make their own arrangements and the rentals can be picked up and dropped off right at the resort. Please be aware of how the Dominican people drive because it seems that they do not have many rules of the road and for someone that is not accustomed to that it could be hazardous. 
Can I park a rented car in the resort?
Yes, villa rentals can park their car right at the villa. All other accommodations have designated areas to park at their location.
Should we tip the staff?
This is a personal preference. This is a poor country and the people of DR rely on the tourism to survive. They are most warmest and hospitable people you will ever meet. They cannot do enough for you and for that we are sure you will want to precipitate by tipping them.
Do I need to bring beach towels?
No, the resort supplies them.
We would like to do excursions is there someone to help us?
Yes, there is a VIP Excursion office right on the premises.  more info
Does the resort serve top shelf liquor?
Yes, in all VIP areas.
Do have access to Harmony Beach, Serenity Beach and the new Lifestyle Beach?
​Yes you will have access to all the above beaches. You will also have access to VIP Beach & NV Beach.
What color bracelet will I receive?
​Our membership offers to our Guest a GOLD BRACELET! This allows them the most VIP benefits a rental guest can receive.


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